Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Radical Question/A Radical Idea

Are you looking for the perfect graduation gift book?  This little book (which contains two essays) will encourage the graduate to think deeply, think differently, think with kingdom thoughts taking the dominant position in your mind. In less than 100 small pages, you actually receive two books.

In the first part, David Platt has provided the basis of his worldview.  He asks the basic question,  "What is Jesus worth to you?"  Suggesting that if you live out a life that values Christ, you will choose to leave everything this earth offers, and follow Him. We are not challenged enough to actually live out that belief -- and by doing so, give up the wood, hay and stubble of this existence.  We have all been given so much, Platt asks us if we are willing to give it up.

The second part in this volume is about how we live out our mission in the community of believers. He suggests that we might consider thinking less about the beauty of  the bricks and mortar church; less about the bells and whistles of our worship events; less about the programs offered to meet our needs to focus on the lost and unbelieving people who Jesus called us to disciple. He looks at the meaning of discipling people. 

Now that is a book provides two very valuable thoughts to ponder.  I would suggest it as a boost to your own mission. I will give it as a valuable and accessible gift to young people I know.  This will cause you to ponder how you are living out your life as a Disciple of Christ -- called to make more disciples.