Monday, January 31, 2011

Minnesota in February

I've lived here now 25 years. I am a west coast girl by birth. When we moved from California to Washington, I was introduced to the concept of snow. But in Spokane, the snow would fall and leave several times each winter. Even in the snowiest times, it would be a matter of weeks. None of these months of snow.

Tom is snowblowing for the umpteenth time this winter as I write. He was so kind to offer me the opportunity tonight. I declined. I simply didn't have it in me to push that gas-powered driveway clearer about for him. I didn't want to take the time to done my snowpants, my coat, my scarf, my mittens, my hat in order to clear the driveway of snow...when in the morning, it will be drifted, or snowed upon, or snowplow stacked at the end of the driveway one more time. I did not want to either shower or go to be with the aroma of exhaust on me (though, I will certainly need to comment on the cologne d' unleaded on Tom as his head gratefully hits the pillow tonight.)

So, February 1 marks another 2011 snowfall. No doubt, there will be many more to complain about yet this winter. But tonight, I did not have the gumption to fore go the opportunity to snarl a bit before retiring for the evening. For it does not snow with the promise of a "snow day" for school, or for providing a white Christmas, or to cover up the barrenness of autumn landscape. Now it just piles it on in spite.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Passing Through

Today a person with whom I have served our Lord with for many years, awoke and had her life take a devastating turn. Though I do not know any of the details, I was informed by a tweet from our senior pastor -- technically her boss, but practically her friend and mentor -- that her husband had suffered a heart attack and died this morning.

How to you wake up -- suffer this breath sucking catastrophe. What do you do all day. How to you move, think or be. Much must be required of her. Her daughters need her to be a mother to their loss of their father. But how do you breathe? Arrangements must be made, plans and events ordered. But how do you interact with people.

Lord, I thank you for your presence. Your Holy Spirit that provides for us in times like these. I pray that in these coming days you will empower and direct the events for Vicki. For her daughters, I ask that you will comfort them and help them as they find their fatherless way. May floods of delightful and warm memories wash around and through them. May the reality of your promises of eternity and your presence buoy them as they want to simply sink.

May I live each day in the delight of a future that ends in your everlasting. May I not resent as those mortals that I love, respect or those I care about love and respect face the stark reality that You know the times for us.

I trust you now for the Windfeldts.